LIC Software

LIC Software - Download FREE/FULL (Rs3600 on Windows)

Reinsure - Life LIC Agent Software creates elaborate Risk Cover, Premium, Pre-Tax & Post-Tax Returns and Loan Cashflow Presentations for single as well as combinations of Plans in Indian Languages - Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali and English.

             * Free Reinsure - Life FULL Software on Cloud Server *

  • Reinsure - Life is the only LIC software in India with all the Features on TABLET and LAPTOP - LIC Data Import, Super-Fast Real Time Online Update of New Policies and FUPDates, SMS, Cloud Data Sync, E-Dockets and Auto Reminders. You have all information of your clients and the policies without any data entry, helping you focus on new business. More...

    FULL Agency Office on Windows Tab at Low Cost

  • Reinsure Life is only software for LIC which can be installed on Android Tablet and has all features of the Laptop or Desktop Software. Other Software companies give you only presentations softwares on tablet which require Internet to get presentations. Reinsure Life on Tablet is same as Reinsure Life on Laptop. More...