LIC Agent Software

Reinsure - Life

Reinsure - Life is the only software which gives you complete range of Features - LIC Data Import, Real Time Online Update of New Policies and FUPDates, Free SMS Gateway, Data Sync, E-Dockets and Auto Reminders. You have complete information of your clients and the policies.

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Reinsure - Life (for Tablet)

If you have a rooted tablet with Multi-core processor, you can install the whole Reinsure software on your tablet with all features of your laptop version. You can carry complete software with MultiPlan presentations and Customer Servicing in your pocket and use it Anywhere-Anytime without the need of Internet. You can synchronize the data of Reinsure software on Tablet with Reinsure software on Laptop. For Non-rooted Tablet, please fill Download Form.

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Reinsure - Online

Reinsure-Online Single Plan is Available in three types. You can make complete presentations of all LIC insurance plans in step-by-step manner. The presentation will be ready in minutes without installing the product. A blessing to DOs and Agents having Internet on smartphones, tablets or laptops. If you are Insurance brokerage company, Reinsure Online is available for seamless integration and white labelling with your website. Contact us for more information.

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