LIC Agent Software

Reinsure - Life Personal

Install on Laptop/Tablet/Desktop

Reinsure - Life is the only software with complete range of Features - MultiPlan Presentations, LIC Data Import, Real Time Online Update of New Policies and FUPDates, Free SMS Gateway, Data Sync, E-Dockets and Auto Reminders. You see all information of policies. Download Now

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Reinsure - Life Cloud

Run on Mobile, Tablet, Android, Mac, IPhone, IPad, Laptop, MiniPC

Reinsure-Life installed on Cloud server can be accessed from any device having Microsoft Remote Desktop (Start->All Programs->Accessories). It has all features mentioned above and you get it FREE FOR FIRST YEAR along with cloud server. You pay only installation charges. You can share with your fellow agents and on multiple devices though at a time only one user can use software. A real boon for Development officers who can get one license and share it with agents. Contact us for Free Demo of Reinsure - Life Cloud Login.

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